Taj Mahal Desi Bazaar

Taj Mahal storefront    Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 1.23.04 PM

Welcome to the Taj Mahal. No, not that Taj Mahal. (Or this one.)

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 1.34.56 PM

Somerville’s Taj Mahal Desi Bazaar is a halal food market in Winter Hill, close to the border of East Somerville. It was opened just last year by Sair, pictured above. It draws customers from East Somerville and beyond because of its halal meat.

2013-09-13 14.37.27Oh hai goat!

It has a large selection of rices and beans and other bulk items:

2013-09-13 14.36.24

2013-09-13 14.36.34

Yum, dried coconut slices!

2013-09-13 14.35.56 I was also psyched to see some dry mixes like Bhel Poori – which I loved when I had it at a restaurant once and haven’t seen since…



2013-09-13 14.38.25

…..and frozen prepared foods like samosas, which are really difficult to cook at home.




Of course, there were plenty of spicy-looking mixes and sauces:

2013-09-13 14.37.07

2013-09-13 14.38.17


…and a small but very fresh-looking (even at 3pm on a Friday afternoon) produce section.




2013-09-13 14.43.09

Sair didn’t mention a specific vision of the role the market plays in the neighborhood, but I think it’s really notable that the signs in his windows and doors aren’t for products he sells, but community events – from a Bollywood show to a Puppet Palooza for kids to an upcoming jazz festival.


Apparently a lot of famous foodie activists have been making the case for eating goat meat recently.  So next time you’re thinking of cooking up some curry, try this dish courtesy of Naina’s Recipes:

Mutton Curry Recipe

Mutton Curry

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 4.59.04 PMMaujan karo!



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